Welcome to Body Mind Spirit

Scandinavia’s largest meetup for body and soul – a social and professional arena for holistic health and personal growth. Unleash your potential with inspiring teachers and meaningful activities!

NOVEMBER 8-10 2019


More than 250 exhibitors, 250 talks and classes and 5500 visitors.
Situated at Norway Trade Fairs, a 10 minute train journey from Oslo central station.

With a weekend pass you can pick and choose from the large variety of inspiring activities. Follow us here or on Facebook for updates!



Interested in joining the Body Mind Spirit Festival as a contributor?
We welcome new exhibitors and partners within the field.

As an exhibitor you will be visible to your target audience through your stand, the festival program, and optionally with a talk or activity. Other super marketing possibilities towards an the audience are also available.


Please contact us for a noncommittal offer if you would like a stand size that differs from the standard sizes, or have other inputs or questions.

Here are a few of the highlights in 2018:

  • PULS-Yngvar Andersen og Liv Loftesnes, effective workouts and the talk: “The best things in life are not things”
  • Funkygine, Jørgine Vasstrand, «Strong exterior, strong interior», talk and workout
  • Ole Petter Hjelle, doctor and brain scientist named  one of  the year’s «fantastic communicators» by the newspaper Morgenbladet in 2016
  • Vibeke Klemetsen, yoga teacher
  • Guro Hoftun Gjerstad, author, on parenting teenagers
  • Linn Stokke, mindfulness and yoga for the nervous system
  • Ine Wigernæs, former top athlete and researcher on food and activity
  • Princess Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng from Soulspring, tools for intuitive people
  • Gry Hammer, winner of the Blog of the Year by Matprisen 2017
  • Per Anders Nordengen, on mental health and how to charge the life batteries
  • Carin Sagen, psychologist and known from the radio program  Kjærlighetspodden, on relationships and love
  • Lilli Bendriss, one of the most well known mediums in Norway




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